From horse and buggy, to commercial truck suspension, we have experienced many changes in the heavy duty trucking industry over the past 100 years.

Frank Ferrara & Sons Spring Works began humbly on September 10, 1912, when Frank P. Ferrara opened a small blacksmith shop on Worthington St. in Springfield, MA to repair steel wagon wheels and seat springs. As model T’s and motorized wagons started to appear on the streets, Frank adapted to forging spring replacements for the vehicles.

In 1926, Frank P. Ferrara officially welcomed his two sons, Louis and Fred, to the company, and through all of their focused efforts, the business began to grow. In 1935, when Frank passed away suddenly, the two brothers took over the family business. Shortly after, they expanded the company’s scope into machining services and part sales.

In 1947, Louis’s son, Frank L. Ferrara, started to help out in the spring shop part-time. Over the next 36 years, Frank proved to be instrumental in the continued expansion of the business.

On May 23, 1983, Frank and his wife Ann purchased the spring business and changed the name to Frank L. Ferrara Spring Works Inc. Ten years later, they relocated minutes away to the business’ current location at Amboy Court in Springfield.

In 2007, Frank and Ann’s daughter, Diane (Ferrara) Valentino, started to work in the office. The following year, Frank appointed her president of the company. In this position, she oversaw the day to day operation and proudly represented the fourth generation of Ferrara’s to run the family business.

From 2012 through 2014, Diane’s three sons, Scott, Joe, and Eric became the fifth generation of the family to enter the business.

On January 5, 2015 we felt a great loss with the passing of Frank L. Ferrara. Frank dedicated sixty years of his life to the family business. Customers throughout the years felt his kind, generous spirit that was instrumental in many business relationships that are still flourishing today. Later that year, Diane took ownership of the business and promised to honor her father’s legacy by upholding the high standards that the business’s reputation was built on.

In January 2017, our building underwent a 2,000 square foot expansion to accommodate the continued growth of our business.

The following month, for the sixth time since 1912, the company name was changed to Ferrara Spring Works Inc.

As we look to the future of our business, our vision remains clear: To uphold the values that our family has maintained for more than a century in serving the heavy duty truck industry with integrity and expertise. From our employees to our customers, we are proud to call you family.


On September 10, Frank P. Ferrara opens a small blacksmith shop called Frank Ferrara and Sons Co. in the rear of tenement houses then in existence on Worthington St. in Springfield, MA. The business repairs wagon wheels, shoes horses, does general jobbing and repairs Stanley Steamer cars. The total shop area is 750 sq. feet


Frank’s oldest son Louis begins working at the business 1921 – Frank’s younger son Fred begins working at the business


The original shop doubles in size, as the blacksmith shop begins moving steadily into auto repairing


Frank’s sons Louis and Fred officially join the company and it is renamed to Frank Ferrara & Sons Spring Works


Frank P. Ferrara retires actively from the business and sons Louis and Fred take over the reigns


The building is expanded to allow suitable space for super service (first full scale service station) including tires, batteries, brakes, headlights, lubrication and car washing


Louis, now president, and Fred, incorporate the business and rename it Ferrara Auto Spring Works Inc. The blacksmith end of the shop is dropped entirely


Founder Frank P. Ferrara dies


  • Automotive parts are added in, beginning with the addition of “under the chassis” items. By the end of the third year, the company had becomes a full-fledged parts wholesaling business
  • Opens 1st branch store located on Chestnut St. in Springfield


The machine shop is opened


The jobbing phase needs a separate building, so a new building measuring 22,725 sq. feet is erected, housing three separate departments; the office, the parts department, and shipping/receiving. The firm assumes the name Ferrara Spring & Parts Co.


Louis’ son, Frank L. Ferrara begins working part time after school and on vacations


Joins the Springfield Automotive Jobbers Association which is comprised of over 450 car dealers, jobbers and repairmen


Celebrates its 35th anniversary. Completely remodels the spring shop installing a new, under-fired heat controlled furnace for spring making. The company now services western Massachusetts, eastern Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont


Frank L. begins opening a string of branch stores, starting with the Chicopee branch on Front St.


North End branch store opens on Columbus Ave. in Springfield


Indian Orchard branch store opens on Parker St. in Springfield


  • Company purchases a Display-Mobile which was used in the Boston district for on the job demonstration and sales of Black & Decker automotive equipment
  • Company becomes a member of the Automotive Service Industry Association


Agawam branch store opens on Rowley St.


Forest Park branch opens on Sumner Ave. in Springfield


  • Fred A. Ferrara dies
  • Westover Air Force Base “outlet” store opens under government contract


A new building is erected next to the parts department on Worthington St. to house a much larger spring shop and additional offices


Industrial Park branch opens on Robbins Rd. in Springfield


Westover branch store opens on Westover Rd. (AFB) in Chicopee


Louis names his son, Frank L. Ferrara president of the company which now employees over 80 people and owns a fleet of 30 vehicles


Southwick branch opens


East Longmeadow branch opens on Maple St.


Louis F. Ferrara dies


Frank L. Ferrara and his wife Ann purchase the spring shop portion of the business from family members and name their business Frank L. Ferrara Spring Works Inc.


After 81 years on Worthington St. in Springfield, the family business relocates just minutes away to 3 Amboy Court. The 10,000 square foot building holds 6 service bays, 2 offices and a large inventory room


Ann E. Ferrara dies


Frank and Ann’s daughter, Diane M. Valentino, a fourth generation Ferrara, enters the business


Frank appoints Diane president of the company


Diane’s oldest son, Scott Valentino, joins the company, representing the fifth generation to work in the family business

September 10, 2012

100 Year Anniversary of the family business


Diane’s youngest son, Joe Valentino, joins the company


Diane’s middle son, Eric Valentino, joins the company

January 2015

Frank L. Ferrara dies

Late 2015

Diane takes ownership of the business

January 2017

Our building undergoes a 2,000 square foot expansion

February 2017

Company name changes from Frank L. Ferrara Spring Works Inc. to Ferrara Spring Works Inc.