We dedicate ourselves to responsive solutions to our customer’s unique requirements. Our technicians have a combined total of over one hundred years experience and knowledge encompassing all styles of suspension systems, from Autocars to Zambonis.

From “old school” spring works to cutting edge truck and trailer alignment technology, Ferrara Spring Works is the place to come when you need service done right.



  •  Springs repaired or replaced for any application
  •  Custom springs – Custom U-bolts
  •  Spring eye bushing replacement
  •  Extra leafs (Add-A-Leaf) – Hand formed – Custom and OEM replacement

Rear Suspension


  •  Installations of suspensions and replacement parts
  •  Shock absorbers – light/heavy duty trucks
  •  Air bags
  •  Walking beam R & R – Rebushing all styles
  •  Tag axle R & R – Hyster Mfg.
  •  Mack – Rebush castings, press trunnion shafts
  •  Mack center stands – heavy duty
  •  Torque rod rebushing – rubber/urethane – using Atro components

Front End


  •  Kingpin rebushing and honing
  •  Axle sleeving
  •  Tie rods, tie rod ends and Drag link replacement



  •  Front and rear wheel alignment
  •  Spin balance wheels
  •  Axle Corrections



  •  Welding and repair
  •  Custom modifications – Repair and sleeve cracked frame rails
  •  Remove rust between rails (double and triple railed styles)
  •  Body hold down bolts and plates


  •  Replacement of drums, pads, lines and related brake components
  •  Electrical brake testing

Oil, Grease, and Filters

  •  To meet your maintenance schedules

Applications include: Trucks, tractor trailers, SUV’s, RV’s, Off road, Utility & Boat Trailers, Hot Rod and Specialty vehicles

Utility Trailers

  • Springs and Attaching Parts
  • Repair Services