Parts & Products

We offer a complete line of the highest quality products from over twenty manufacturers of heavy-duty leaf springs, coil springs, overload systems, front and rear suspension components including brakes, steering and wheel end parts. Our facility stocks a vast variety of springs and suspension components for every type of vehicle from utility trailers to earth movers. Our product lines include Automann, Dayton, Dallas, Hendrickson OEM, Kaiser, Dexter, L & H, Jacodar and many more.

Our extensive inventory provides you with the ease of one stop shopping for everyone from fleet managers to jobbers to the independent owners. More importantly, it means less down time for your vehicle saving you both time and money.



  •  Full Taper Leaf Springs
  •  High Stress Leaf Springs
  •  Multi-Leaf Springs
  •  Air Bags
  •  Add-A-Leaf
  •  Helper springs
  •  Tapered Extra leafs
  •  Custom Leaf Springs
  •  Boat & Utility Trailer Springs
  •  Coil Springs regular & Heavy Duty
  •  Spring Accessory Components
  •  Tempered Repair Plate
  •  Threaded Rod & U-Bolts Made To Order   (U-Bolt Torque Guide)(U-Bolt Identification Guide)

Brake and Wheel

  •  Drums & Hubs
  •  New Lined Shoes
  •  Air Hoses & Brass Fittings
  •  Studs, Nuts & Clamps
  •  Utility Trailer Axles and Brakes

Ride Control

  •  Stanley Plus Problem Solving Springs
  •  Utility Trailer Springs & Suspension Parts
  •  Airlift Auxiliary Air Springs
  •  Coil Spring Lift Spacers
  •  Anti-Sway Bars
  •  King Pins
  •  Tie Rods


  •  Goodyear and Hendrickson Air Springs
  •  Bushings: Bi-Metal, Bronze, Rubber & Urethane
  •  Castings & Stampings
  •  Complete Primary & Auxiliary Suspension Systems
  •  Monroe Shock Absorbers
  •  Spring Pins, Bolts & Shackles
  •  Suspension Components
  •  Torque Rods & components