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Family owned and operated since 1912 and through four generations, Ferrara Spring Works has built a reputation as a name you can trust. And trust is important when it comes to your vehicle.

We specialize in high quality parts and services for leaf springs, overload systems, front and rear suspension components including brakes, steering and wheel end parts. Our facility stocks a vast variety of springs and suspension components for every type of vehicle from utility trailers to earth movers.

We offer a complete line of the highest quality products from over twenty manufacturers of heavy-duty leaf springs, coil springs and overload kits. Our product lines include Dayton, Dallas, Hendrickson OEM, Kaiser, Dexter, L & H, and Jacodar.

We dedicate ourselves to responsive solutions to our customer’s unique requirements. Our technicians are unsurpassed in their knowledge encompassing all styles of suspension systems from Autocars to Zambonis.

But service is only part of the package at Ferrara Spring Works. Our extensive inventory provides you with the ease of one stop shopping for everyone from fleet managers to jobbers to the independent owners. And more importantly, it means less down time for your vehicle saving you both time and money!

From “old school” spring works to cutting edge truck and trailer alignment technology, Ferrara Spring Works is the place to come when you need service done right.